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Bewilderment filled their hearts. The commonwealth had long since left the values that had built her into the principle power in the world. Though those with insight heralded the return to traditional family values, few would listen. Adultery was rampant, homosexuality common and street violence a way of life.

The welfare state had burgeoned till it was out of control. In the hopes of keeping the discontented masses in the impoverished slums content, sporting extravaganzas filled the arenas in each major city with every imaginable amusement. The entertainment industry, once the expression of the finest art, had degenerated into the display of the most disgusting sexual acts that could come out of the imaginations of her writers.

Moral tension was high. Throughout the country debate was stirred concerning how society should act, and if there was a God that they were accountable to. The greatest minds of the domain pondered this question, and there were a multitude of answers with no resolutions.

While the poor fought in the street, the middle class enjoyed the advantages of the long peace. Wealth was easily had by many, and opulence and indulgence in every sort of stimulating activity was their central pursuit. The proposition of peace and prosperity was the theme of the age.

Hardly had anyone considered the possibility of foreign invasion. The armed forces of the kingdom were unmatched in the entire world. The peace that their strength brought, gave the world prosperity such had never before been imagined. They had become the wealthiest citizens in the history of the world.

They were a nation of people who were obsessed with their personal rights and liberties. Societal law was king. This law granted them a pluralistic community, where every culture in the world lived together in peace. Religious freedom was the dominant theme, as the people employed any god they desired in any way they could dream up. And they had many to choose from, for every religion in the world had gathered within their borders.

The kingdom's long-standing democratic institutions were intact, but the freedoms that they implied were long gone. Politicians had forgotten why they were elected. Financial gain and political power now dominated their minds. Statesmen gathered around issues that were popular to their constituents, but no longer was the will of the people directing the actions of the state. Their leaders had given themselves over to self-indulgence.

As the centuries passed, the long-standing peace faded. The populace that had learned the art of violence became the victim of the savagery themselves. Class struggles had eventually weakened the land beyond repair. The poor had managed to subjugate the rich, as the wealth of the domain was redistributed into their welcoming hands. In the midst of struggle, these victors of class contention overlooked the very internal forces that would lead to the nation's undoing. It wasn't long before the world's cities were burning under the cruel hand of the very people who had feigned political leverage.

Fingers pointed to the cause of the dilemma. Most aimed at the followers of Christ. "If we hadn't become a Christian nation," many reasoned, "we would never have got into the jam that we now have found ourselves in. Christianity has made us weak."

Out of the controversy arose a man who settled the matter. His name was Saint Augustine, and the kingdom he was speaking to was 5th century Rome. Because Augustine lived in a society inundated with gray, he determined that he would put his gray matter into action. As it turned out, Augustine has since been recognized as the greatest mind Rome ever produced. Yet soon their civilization would be no more. They were committed to living in the gray.

While hands shook in accusation of the Christian, Augustine stepped in with his great mind to silence all who opposed him. After he had written his greatest work, the City of God, the critics of Christianity were silenced for a thousand years. It was his astute mind that assured Christianity would be the principal religion in the West for many centuries to come.

It hasn't been until the 20th century that Christianity has suffered any serious challenge that has threatened it with universal annihilation. Times have changed. Christians have forgotten that there is nothing new under the sun. They have bent their ear to everything novel that passes by their senses. Christians have turned to the gray. They are living in the middle. Though the greatest minds in the history of the world have been believers who have submitted their minds to Christ, Christendom has stopped thinking.

As a result, the attackers of Christianity have asserted that Christianity is an ignorant religion. These haters of Christ have proclaimed themselves as the true minds of the age, while the Church wanders after pursuing its sensual pleasures. Truth has been lost in the senseless reckoning of non-truth within a culture that has determined that nothing is worth considering beyond its self image.

But answers are as old a Rome. For in the writings of Saint Augustine lie the explanation from God's Word that delineates the very culprits of the agony of our new age. Through the centuries, the pages of the Bible speak the same truth that they communicated to the ancient bewildered society of Rome. Augustine utilized the words of God to silence the oppressors of Christ, and these same words are as pertinent today as they ever have been.

The book you are about to read is about using your head. It is a call to the modern world's cerebral mass that has been slumbering in the stupor of its own complacency. It is a summons to wake up and begin thinking again. It is the shout of truth echoing in a truthless world. It is the argument of Saint Augustine being told once again to the same wayward society from which all modern apostasy began.

Augustine spoke of a house divided. He spoke of two cities, which have stood diametrically opposed to each other since the beginning of time. It is as these two cities express themselves in the world that the division of man is manifested.

There is no middle ground between the two cities. There is no gray area to divide opposites. The answers for today are not encompassed in "Should or could I", "I hope so or I hope not", "Maybe or maybe not". Rather, the only solution that makes sense lies in the propositions of "Left and right", "Up or down", "In or out", "Good or bad", "Right or Wrong".

In this book we will examine how the two opposites of the world have manifested themselves in history. We will apply this knowledge to our contemporary society and its worship life. In so doing, we will turn to reiterate to the world what Augustine had shown us fifteen hundred years ago. We will identify the source of our problems. We will be directed to our only hope.

We will consider the "house divided"; the division in society that is inevitable when two points of view are prevailing. We will discover that the separation between opposites is absolutely essential in discerning truth from error. We will see why the doctrine of tolerance within the framework of non-accountability is exactly that which severs liberty and freedom from man.

We will examine the great kingdoms of the world to see how Augustine's two cities have manifested themselves through history. We shall uncover the consequences that have developed in the kingdoms of men as a result of the influence of each point of view. We will unearth the reality which acknowledges that the future of a kingdom is directly reliant upon the city which directs its course.

We will consider the philosophies that underpin the two cities. We shall behold that these ideologies determine how men view themselves and direct how they see the world that they live in. We will resolve that men become exactly who they think they are. Finally, we will come to an understanding of the precepts of the two great religions of the world. Each of the two cities is masterminded by its own faith. Because there is only one faith that is true, we shall rustle the Queen of Apostasy out of her nest, to expose her and demonstrate where she has made her bed.

* * *

As we wait for Christ's return, we perceive the coming darkness that proceeds the dawn of a new age. As we look about at the gloomy disorder that lurks about us, we are observing the translucent images of our past transformed into subtle grays. We know that when the sun can no longer be seen on the horizon, that evening is near. When twilight descends with its shaded impressions, we know that it will soon be night. So it will be in the last days of man.

Yet among the bearers of truth, there are no grays: For some reject the sensual thinking of their generation, to utilize their gray matter which restores the reasonable to the absurd. They realize that there is no matter that is gray.

Those who truly know how to think understand that truth cannot be found in compromise with its opposite. They discern that truth is specific rather than relative, objective rather than subjective. They realize that the matter is distinctly Black-and-White. It is when this occurs that we can discover the true unity of mind that can save a nation from herself.


The Martyr

He grimaced in pain as the last nail was driven into his emaciated limb. Tongues of retribution ran up and down his frame delivering the oil that was now seeping into his wounds. As they raised him up, he could see his wife across the courtyard while to his side he could hear the agony on the breath of his firstborn son. Together they were elevated in martyrdom as the emperor paraded his grandeur before them, riding upon his chariot to the thundering applause of his subjects. Yet the man hung suspended, hardly noticing the antics of the tyrant. His mind drifted into memories.

It was only hours ago that he was together with his family. Concealed in the vast matrix near the city, they clutched hands as he somberly blessed their final meal together. The affectionate squeeze emanating from his life long companion had assured him that their firm poise in the faith would not go un-rewarded. The words that the prophet had spoken were true! They now knew the presence of their God was with them. So they sang as one to glorify the king they served.

Now this blessed moment has quickly faded. He hangs awaiting his certain death. Far below the praises still ushering from his lips, he witnesses the servants of the emperor in their revelry. Their drunkenness has left them oblivious to his suffering just above their heads. They toast to the god of fertility as they worship images made to look like mortal man and reptiles. Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another (Rom 1:23-24 niv). Men with men, women with women, they sing in riotous laughter while the innocent prepare to die.

A nameless man has led his now forgotten family down a path that will bring them an eternity of peace. He takes one last glimpse into the eyes of his beloved. The torch has been lit as the flames engulf their bodies. They are in the presence of the Lord.

* * *

Now there is left behind only the carcasses to illuminate the monarch's feast. It was rumored the dictator had lost his mind years ago. The prophet had once walked these courts chained to a guard as he shared the truth to all who would listen. It was to Nero that the Apostle Paul had appealed to in his defense, and to Nero's tribunal he was taken after his first imprisonment. (Acts 25:11) Nero seemed to take a considerable amount of interest in providential cases such as Paul's so it is very likely he heard the message of the Gospel from this one who presented it as none has since.

In the early years of this infamous Caesar's reign, the Apostle wrote to the Roman Church to explain the great doctrines that comprised their faith. He was eventually beheaded for this stand he had taken. This occurred in the last year of this cruel dictator's life very near the city of Rome itself.

Paul wasn't the only one to fall into this tyrant's clutches. Even the apostle Peter was executed by Nero, crucified upside down on a cross as he felt himself unworthy to die as Christ had done. Now all the followers of that message suffered constant persecution in the hands of that insane dictator.

There was a time when Rome and Christianity were on friendly terms. Christians were viewed by the rulers of the day as a harmless Jewish sect. Possibly the trial of Paul brought to Nero's mind the difference of the two. The great fire of July 64 A.D. nearly destroyed Rome. The result was that thousands of homeless people required housing and the lowering of the price of corn.

The desires of the depraved Caesar were not easily fulfilled! It was suspected his demented ego inspired him to burn the city while he played contemptuously on his fiddle. In actuality he was in Atium when the fire began, returning to supervise in person the work of the fire brigades, while exposing himself to danger in the endeavor. He even opened up his private gardens to shelter many of the homeless. Yet he could not shake the suspicion that continued to knock at his door. He desperately needed something to defer the attention away from his cowardly personage. The Christian community provided the perfect scapegoat.

Christians were already despised as a result of their abominations. Their withdrawal from society, exclusive behavior, failure to participate in the duties of state and their active evangelism drew the suspicion of Rome. As a result, charges of immorality were levied against them. It was believed they conducted nightly orgies, Thespian feasts, and Oedipodean incest. These are interesting accusations coming from a society that has been attributed with such rank sin itself.

It is an embarrassment to us today that many pronounced ministries have been exposed to the same judgment by a world that finds itself involved in the vilest of sin. It is even more deplorable that the accusations are in fact true. The Biblical record assures us that the Early Church was involved in much loftier activities as they met to worship the one true and holy God. Yet this did not defray the anger of Caesar nor the misunderstanding that surrounded them. Therefore Christianity became a crime as the followers of Christ were labeled enemies of the state.

Thus began the first persecution of Christians by a heathen nation. It would not be the last! Anyone who confessed to being Christian was arrested and interrogated. Many were implicated by these confessions. Those who remained faithful to the faith found themselves victims to the appetites of the wild beast in the great arenas. To the amusement of a discontent populace, myriads of Christians suffered violent ends in the hands of sadistic executioners. They were covered with the skins of animals and fed to the dogs, crucified, lit up as torches, and mocked as a result of their beliefs. Women were tied to mad bulls and dragged to death in the mad emperor's hands.

Yet it would not be long before Nero would meet his end; indicted in the hands of his contemporaries. The prophet had delivered the message. Caesar would not believe.

The fate of this wretched individual seemed to be sealed on the day of his birth. Among the congratulations of friends, his father declared that any of his seed could only prove to be abominable and disastrous to the good of the public. At the age of three, Nero's father had died and his inheritance robbed by Caisus. In 39 AD his mother Agrippa was banished by Caisus, on account an alleged plot against him. As a result young Nero was separated from both his natural parents at an early age to be raised by his aunt.

In 41 AD, as Claudius ascended to the seat of Caesar, Nero was restored to his vindicated mother. Yet with this reunion began the unscrupulous acts of this Jezebel who would manipulate events and incorporate the asset in her son with the express desire to rule the entire known world in her insidious hands.

Now Agrippa's uncle, the emperor, was a sucker for female charms. Quite aware of this, Agrippa seized the opportunity and captured his fancy. They were married in 49 AD and she found herself empress of the greatest empire the world had ever known. Exercising all of her cunning allowed the betrothal of Nero to Claudious' daughter Octavia, and the subsequent adoption of Nero as a son. The true heir to the throne, Britannicas was carefully kept in the background as Agrippa executed her well-devised plans. Any alleged supporter of Caesar's true son was either murdered or cast into exile. Soon Claudius was persuaded to draft a will in favor of Nero.

The stage was finally set for their ultimate rise to power. Rumors began to be developed amongst the Senate and the populace that Claudius was not favorably disposed to the exclusion of his son. Not to allow this to thwart her plans, Agrippa enticed Xenophon, his physician, to insert a feather down Claudius' throat laced with poison under the pretense of inducing a vomit. Through these precarious circumstances Nero was brought forth and proclaimed emperor in 54 AD.

At first, Nero permitted two respected advisers to direct state affairs, Seneca, a philosopher and writer, and Burrus, a military officer. The result was five years characterized by good government. In fact Nero was quite popular among the Senate and the people. Indeed he was very devoted to his mother, calling her the "best of mothers."

He silences the lips of trusted advisers and takes away the discernment of elders. (Job 12:20 niv)

However, when Seneca and Burrus became aware that Agrippa intended to rule with her son, they proceeded to encourage him to pursue a relationship with a Greek freed woman, Acete, to break Agrippa's spell over him. The plan was successful as the arrogant Agrippa found herself without her chief protector, Pallas.

She retaliated by threatening to present Britanicus as the rightful heir to the throne, only to sign the young man's death warrant. While attending a banquet, Nero arranged to have Britanica's hot wine cooled with water laced with poison. It was convenient to blame the incident on the epilepsy Britanica had suffered since his youth. Defeated in that arena Agrippa took up the cause of the mistreated Octavia, which lead to the removal of her bodyguards and her expulsion from the palace.

Seneca and Burrus, according to the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, "perceiving the bent of his evil nature, allowed him to indulge in low pleasures and excesses with the most profligate companions, thinking, perhaps, either that the young ruler would in this way prove less harmful to the public, or that, after sowing his wild oats, he would return to the serious business of government. However in both ways they were sorely disappointed, for Nero, having surrendered himself to the basest of appetites, continued to go from excess to excess. He surrounded himself with the most dissolute of companions, conspicuous among whom were Salvius Otho and Claudius Seneco."

Those in the Church today who desire to adopt policies of tolerance and leniency towards sinful behavior should closely observe the resulting events in Nero's life.

Otho's wife Poppanea Sabina "unprincipled, and endowed with every gift of nature except an honorable mind" sought the king's attention in accordance with her consuming lust for power. It was through her husband that she gained Nero's admiring eye, enabling her to influence him to disregard any restraint, ignore the council of his advisors, and dig a hole of immorality and crime he would never climb out of. At her wishes, Nero sent Otho to a distant province while he proceeded to have an affair with his wife.

Not to allow the possibility of any competition, Sabina plotted the death of Nero's mother as well. Upon Nero's orders the Admiral, Anicetus constructed a seagoing vessel that would sink on command. Nero persuaded his mother to travel on it, whereupon it was sent to the bottom of the Mediterranean. Agrippa survived the accident by swimming ashore, but was soon found dead in the clutches of her murderers.

Nero divorced Octavia who was falsely accused of committing adultery. Banished to the island of Pandateria, she too fell into the sadistic hands of the possessive and vindictive Sabina. The innocent Octavia was executed in 62 AD, and her head was delivered to the vile concubine. Yet fate had its ultimate reward upon this loathsome beast. Indeed, Sabina married and became empress, but only for a brief time. God brought justice to this unrighteous tramp as she died in childbirth as a result of a swift kick in the stomach administered by the one she fought so hard to possess, Nero. Sin indeed carries with it its own reward.

To support his extravagances though, Nero had squandered the vast treasury his predecessor had accumulated. Therefore he began to plunder the provinces that had once enjoyed sound Roman government. Yet this did not prevent the financial crisis that eventually lead to the bankruptcy of Rome and collapse of this mighty empire.


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Wigtune Company offers free mp3 praise music in the form of tradtional Christian hymn performed in a contemporary manner and modern praise song and choruses mp3s.  Chord charts to many of these song mp3's are available for non-commercial ministry use. Wiggy's Top Ten Praise MP3s Wigtune Company offers free mp3 praise music in the form of tradtional Christian hymn performed in a contemporary manner and modern praise song and choruses mp3s.  Chord charts to many of these song mp3's are available for non-commercial ministry use.

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