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The Religion of Babylon

Obama refused to go to church except right before elections. He played golf instead. He posed himself against Israel in order to support the efforts of his Muslim friends. Therefore on, while quoting exclusively from the Koran, in June 2009 while in Cairo Obama declared his allegiance to the Palestinians: "America will not turn our backs on the legitimate Palestinian aspiration for dignity, opportunity, and a state of their own. For decades, there has been a stalemate: two peoples with legitimate aspirations, each with a painful history that makes compromise elusive. It is easy to point fingers – for Palestinians to point to the displacement brought by Israel’s founding, and for Israelis to point to the constant hostility and attacks throughout its history from within its borders as well as beyond. But if we see this conflict only from one side or the other, then we will be blind to the truth: the only resolution is for the aspirations of both sides to be met through two states, where Israelis and Palestinians each live in peace and security."

MK Aryeh Eldad in Israel responded, "Obama makes a shocking parallel between the destruction of European Jewry and the suffering that the Arabs of Israel brought upon themselves when they declared war on Israel."

“If Obama does not understand the difference between them, perhaps he will understand it better when he visits the concentration camp in the comings days. And if he doesn’t understand it even there, then Islam will once again teach it to him, just as it taught his predecessor on 9/11.”

Obama consistently stood on the side of the Muslims both abroad and in America:

In order to protect his violent Muslim friends in March 2009 Obama declared the "war on terror" was over, despite a dramatic increase in jihad war ops.

During that same month he demanded that more Muslim Americans work in the Obama administration and insisted that they be recruited.

In April 2009 Obama told Europe to admit Islamic Turkey into the EU, much to the consternation of the Europeans.

And then while in Turkey the next month Obama demanded that non-Muslims respect Islam (despite our differences).

During that same month Dalia Mogahed, the first hijab-clad senior adviser to Obama on Muslim affairs, said in an interview with terrorist- and jihad-supporting Sheik Yusuf Qaradawi's website, "Many have claimed that terrorists have 'hijacked Islam.' I disagree. I think Islam is safe and thriving in the lives of Muslims around the world. What the terrorists have been allowed to take over are Muslim grievances." Even as that was going on Obama laid groundwork for a partnership with the Hamas, the terrorists supported by Iran who were constantly attacking Israel.

In May 2009 President Barack Obama offered a "personal commitment" to bridge US differences with Muslims in his long-awaited speech to the Islamic world in Egypt, aides said.

Then in June 2009: Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood, a violent global jihadist group whose sole objective is a universal caliphate, to his speech to the ummah (Muslim community) in Cairo. The next month he reached out to the violent jihadists of Hezb'allah. Following he created a new office at the State Department, Outreach to the Worldwide Muslim community, reporting directly to Hillary Clinton

In October 2009 according to the AFP "The White House highlighted a new multi-million-dollar technology fund for Muslim nations, following a pledge made by President Barack Obama in his landmark speech to the Islamic world.

"The White House said the US Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) had issued a call for proposals for the fund, which will provide financing of between 25 and 150 million dollars for selected projects and funds."

And in November, as reported in the Huffington Post: "Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, was charged on Thursday with the shooting spree at Fort Hood last week. Army investigators have said Hasan is the only suspect and could face additional charges. . . Obama urged Congress to put off a probe in the matter.” It was eventually discovered that Malik was a Muslim jihadist. And there stood Obama protecting the terroist from a congressional investigation.

During the same month Obama offered the Taliban control of the Kandahar, Helmand, Oruzgan, Kunar, and Nuristan provinces, in return for a halt to the Taliban missile attacks on U.S. bases. Then he reached out to bloodthirsty jihadists in the Philippines.

On Thanksgiving eve, Obama issued a special Hajj message to the world's Muslims. And soon after this, December marked Obama's "Non-Religious" White House Christmas with no Christmas gifts for his kids.

And he kept up his Muslim antics the following year. In February 2010 Obama named a Hafiz to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. "And as a hafiz of the Koran, [Hussain] is a respected member of the American Muslim community," Obama said in his message to the Doha meeting, using the Arabic world for someone who has memorized the Islamic holy book. Then he cut U.S. space program and ordered NASA to work with Muslim countries.

According to an article by Robert Spencer: "Rashad Hussain is the Obama administration’s newly appointed special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the thuggish international organization that is engaged in a full-scale campaign to intimidate Western governments into adopting hate speech codes that will effectively quash criticism of Islam – including jihad violence perpetrated in its name. Rashad Hussain is an apposite choice for this position, since several years ago he defended a notorious U.S.-based leader of a jihad terrorist group.

". . . In 2004, Rashad Hussain, then a Yale law student, declared that the investigation and prosecution of University of South Florida professor Sami al-Arian, who ultimately pled guilty to charges involving his activities as a leader of the terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad, was a 'politically motivated persecution' designed 'to squash dissent.'

"Journalist Patrick Goodenough of Cybercast News Service reports that Hussain’s remarks in support of Al-Arian were published in the jihad-enabling Washington Report on Middle East Affairs in November 2004."

In April 2010 Gadaffi had figured Obama out when he lifted his praise: "He is of Muslim descent, his policy should be supported, as he now leans towards peace."

According to INN, " Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi considers the US president a blessing to the Muslim world. In a speech published in London-based al-Hayat newspaper on Saturday, Gaddafi praised Barack Obama, called him a 'friend' and said there is no longer any dispute between his country and the US.

"Speaking in the Libyan city of Sirt at an event marking the 24th anniversary of an American attack on Libya, he said, 'At the time, we were the target of the American cannon, the American navy challenged us in the gulf of Sirt and attacked us all along Libya's shores. America tested Libya, and the Libyan people resisted the large country, but today, thank God, the difference is great.'

"He said, 'Now, ruling America is a black man from our continent, an African from Arab descent, from Muslim descent, and this is something we never imagined – that from Reagan we would get to Barakeh Obama.'" It's something I never imagined either.

Gaddafi was also elated that Obama was disarming America: "The Libyan leader also expressed hopes that, 'the dream that Obama has for a world free of nuclear weapons will come true. This is something that no previous American president has proposed. Obama is a man who opposes wars that previous American presidents were entangled in; he has declared that he will withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq – something which has never been proposed before.'"

According to CNN On April 8, 2010, "President Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday signed a major nuclear arms control agreement that reduces the nuclear stockpiles of both nations.

"The new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty -- known by its acronym, START-- builds on a previous agreement that expired in December.

"The agreement cuts the number of nuclear weapons held by the United States and Russia by about a third.

"'This day demonstrates the determination of the United States and Russia -- the two nations that hold over 90 percent of the world's nuclear weapons -- to pursue responsible global leadership,' Obama said after the signing."

Indeed through this arm pact with Russia, Obama continued to disarm America to make her more-and-more vulnerable to the attack of Muslim barbarians. That's why he was being praised by the terrorist Muammar Gaddafi.

Later in May 2010: Obama's Counterterrorism Adviser called Jihad a "Legitimate tenet of Islam." And during that same month White House pro-terrorism John Brennan speechified in Arabic, equated terrorists with shoplifters. Lawmakers called for his firing.

Finally in June 2010: Obama equivocated on the jihad warship convoy (affectionately named a "flotilla" by the media): He "Expressed a Deep Regret Over Loss of [Jihadist] Life." Following that the Obama administration supported an anti-Israel resolution at U.N. William Kristol wrote in that regard: "THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that senior Obama administration officials have been telling foreign governments that the administration intends to support an effort next week at the United Nations to set up an independent commission, under UN auspices, to investigate Israel's behavior in the Gaza flotilla incident. The White House has apparently shrugged off concerns from elsewhere in the U.S. government that a) this is an extraordinary singling out of Israel, since all kinds of much worse incidents happen around the world without spurring UN investigations; b) that the investigation will be one-sided, focusing entirely on Israeli behavior and not on Turkey or on Hamas; and c) that this sets a terrible precedent for outside investigations of incidents involving U.S. troops or intelligence operatives as we conduct our own war on terror.

"While UN Ambassador Susan Rice is reported to have played an important role in pushing for U.S. support of a UN investigation, the decision is, one official stressed, of course the president's."

That same month Obama became the first president to host a press conference with the American flag nowhere in sight. Are you getting the picture? Even as Obama praised and catered to the Muslim world, he displayed his contempt for America.

Though professing to be a Christian, Obama didn't display Christian behavior. Yet his background and friendship with the Muslim world demonstrated what his stripes really were. He pledged his allegiance to the Muslim nation of Kenya where his father was from. His wife Michelle was well aware of that when she admitted that Kenya was Obama's "home country." Specifically she said, "Barack has led by example. When we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country in Kenya." This certainly added fire to the fact that Obama continually failed to prove his US citizenship.

Then in April 2012 Judge Masin of New Jersey admitted, in a lawsuit challenging Obama's inclusion on the state's primary ballot, that Obama hadn't provided proof of birthplace. According to Daniel Noe of The Western Center for Journalism, "Attorney Mario Apuzzo, arguing for plaintiffs Nick Purpura and Ted Moran argued that Obama should not be on the ballot and that the NJ Secretary of State is obligated to make sure that only qualified candidates appear on future ballots. . . "

Obama's attorneys could not produce an authentic birth certificate. "While Mr. Apuzzo clearly argued how Obama’s birth certificate was clearly inauthentic, Ms. Hill struggled to dismiss the suit as irrelevant. Although she conceded that Obama has not furnished a birth certificate to the appropriate parties in the state, she nevertheless said that he is under no obligation to do so. Unfortunately, this is true, not just of New Jersey but of all fifty states.

"Judge Masin asked a lot of questions about the eligibility issue, repeatedly interrupting Mr. Apuzzo’s presentation. He refused to hear anything about the issue of Obama’s forged documents and did not allow any evidence to be entered into the court’s official record since Obama had not presented his birth certificate or draft registration documents in any form.

"What was most interesting was that despite no record of Obama being born in Hawaii was entered into the court’s official record, Masin ruled that Obama was born there anyway."

Whether or not one agrees with the "birther" movement, the facts clearly demonstrate that America was not Obama's foremost concern.

According to a May 2010 issue of Israel Today, "The feeling among the Israeli public is that Obama is appeasing the Muslim world at the expense of Israel. “The American President told me in confidence that he is a Muslim,” said Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit on Nile TV. Regarding Obama's 2009 speech to the UN John Bolton declared, "This is the most radical anti-Israel speech I can recall any president making. . . I have to say I was very shaken by this speech." Then in an April 2009 speech in Turkey, in defiance to God and His presence in the foundation of America, Obama proclaimed, "We are not a Christian nation." In fact, in May of 2009 he called America ". . . one of the largest Muslim countries on the planet.

Obama even admitted that he was a Muslim! On September 7, 2008 during the presidential campaign Obama made a slip. According to The Washington Times Obama was outlining his supposed Christian faith only to say "my Muslim faith." Though he immediately tried to cover the slip up and the liberal press adamantly defended him, what Christian would ever say "my Muslim faith?" Only a Muslim would say that.

To add to that, during the week of January 14-18 2010 Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama. According to Israel Today in an article called Obama, a "Strategic Catastrophe" by Aviel Schneider, "'The American President told me in confidence that he is a Muslim,' said Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit on Nile TV." Gheit's TV statement indicated that Obama told him: "He was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the stepson of a Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympathetic towards the Muslim agenda." 

Final Judgment

Though his expensive economic incentives did not work Obama continued to propose more of the same. And then, to add insult to injury, he funneled stimulus money to his environmental friends, such as the failed Soylendra who supported his campaign, rather than using the money for the people as he promised. So America was sent into spiraling debt in order for Obama to reward his friends.

In the mean time, he told the American populace that they would have to learn to live with less prosperity. Thus he declared the American Dream dead on arrival. With every breath he took, he attempted to forward the agenda of class warfare and turn the nation against the rich. This was for the express purpose of bankrupting the wealthy, and ultimately the middle class, in order to support the so-called poor in America.

With every breath he took he fought against the closing of America's borders, which was essential to the nation's economic survival. Is so doing, he has asserted the arm of the federal government to sue Arizona because that state dared to try to do something about their illegal immigration problem.

He overstepped his constitutional authority by defying the rulings of judges. He just did what he wanted. And by refusing to enforce the Defense of Marriage act, he defied the laws of Congress. And when he came out in support of homosexual marriage he defied God.

And so the judgment of God had everything to do with putting the enemy directly in the White House for the purpose of America's destruction. And there he stood, shaking his fist at God in defiance. And he did so in the very White House that President Clinton defiled decades ago.

* * *

In the face of the onslaught I see that in the name of popularity, money and church growth that the organized church has literally folded in the presence of the diabolical pressure of society. I see how it has backed off from it's intoleration of homosexuality to that of acceptance. One pastor that I know was asked by a parishioner why he didn't come against California's push to teach homosexuality in the lower grades he answered that he was afraid of losing his non-profit status. If the state has that much control over the church, we might as well be living in China.

I see that, just like in the Rome of Augustus, freedom of speech has completely deteriorated even as public personalities lose their careers simply because they said something that was not politically correct.

Indeed, President Obama was looking like the judgment of God come upon the United States. While blatantly proclaiming socialism he was in the process of enslaving America through big government, he was intentionally destroying the American economy to bring us down to size and he was selling us out to our Muslim enemies who he knew as friends. Because he had yet to provide a verifiable legitimate birth certificate, he was not one of us, rather a Kenyon barbarian sent to overthrow our great country. Because the Muslim faith is based upon the principle of raising up the false messiah, Mohammed, it is the Last Days religion of Babylon. To accomplish that end the creed of the Muslims is for the destruction of Jews and Christians. As proven by their ancient assaults on the Holy Land and Christian Byzantine Empire even as Islam was making its way into the world and the eventual destruction of the Byzantine Empire by the Ottomans, the destruction of Christianity has always been their goal.

From the very beginning, right after the death of Mohammed they attacked, and persecuted everything that was Christian. First they conquered Christianized Iran, Egypt and eventually North Africa. They attacked Christianized Italy and the Holy Land as well resulting in the Christian Crusades in order to bring the Holy Land back to Christendom and defend the Byzantine Empire. The Muslims brutalized Christianized Europe and took over Spain. Had it not been for the bravery of Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours in 732, the crusades and the invincible Knights of France, all of Europe would have been overwhelmed by the barbarian horde. India and Indonesia also became Islamic lands. Eventually they vomited their sacrilege in the center of the Eastern Church in Constantinople and defiled the sacred church of St. Sophia. Everywhere they went they demanded that their captives renounce their faith and follow Mohammed. If their captives refused they were either killed or persecuted. As clearly demonstrated by our modern jihadists and Arab states such as Iran and Pakistan, their goals have remained the same.

According to Alexander Hislop's The Two Babylons, pagan records tell us that Nimrod was black. Nimrod, as we have discovered was the precursor of the antichrist. It is interesting to note that around 75% of the world's Muslims live in Africa, Asia and Eurasia. The Franks and Italians during the Middle Ages were very successful in stopping the growth of Islam into Europe, so the Caucasian races remained relatively immune to its rebellious influence.

It is also interesting to note that though the Christianized Roman Empire extended in the east to the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, now this Mesopotamian Valley has been restored to the faith of Muslim infidels. This is the exact location of the center of the Assyrian Empire that worshipped the false Messiah, Nimrod. Pagan writings have recorded that Nimrod (or Ninus) was worshipped as God, was killed but resurrected as a baby in the arms of his ancient wife and goddess Semiramis. Thus the two have been worshipped as divine beings throughout the history of the pagan world. One glaring example was the Egyptian worship of Isis and Orisis that captivated the Roman Empire.

And now the inhabitants of that part of the world around the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers that once contained the Assyrian Empire worships the false Messiah and antichrist, Mohammed. As with the antichrist Nimrod, Islam believes that their false Christ Mohammed was resurrected.

Here is the account of his ascension: "In the year 621, at the age of 51 years old, He flew on the magical Winged-Horse of Fire which he called Burak, which literally means White Horse but seen as "Thunder-Lightning". The full version of this most memorable moment has been preserved in "The Bokhari" (Vol.15, p.3615) one of the Holy Islamic Scriptures.

". . .The story of the Ascension of Mohammed, known as 'Miraj', or 'Stairway to Heaven' began when Mohammed fell asleep on a carpet at his cousin's place and became the inspirational source of different "Stories of the 1001 Nights of Arabia" involving "Magic Carpet Rides". The following is a resume of this fabulous dream. . .'

"'Mohammad had gone to rest at dusk. He slept deeply on the carpet of his cousin, Mutem ibn Adi. Suddenly, the silence was broken and a voice as clear as a trumpet called :

"'Awake, thou sleeper, awake!' And Mohammed saw in front of him, dazzling in darkness the shining Archangel Gabriel who was inviting him to follow him outside. Before the door stood a Horse as dazzling as Gabriel. It had wings, glittering wings of an immense eagle. Gabriel presented the Horse to Mohammed, saying that it was 'Burak' the Horse of Abraham. Burak whinnied and allowed Mohammed to vault on its back.

"Then, drinking the wind, it galloped to the street and as it came to the walls of the sleeping city, it spread its wings and soared into the starry night.

"First of all, they went to the summit of Mount Sinai, at the very place where Jehovah had given the stone tables to Moses. Then, they flew on and went to Bethlehem at the exact place where Jesus was born. And finally, depending on the different versions, they went to Heaven, or into a Holy Temple in Heaven, where Mohammed met with many of the Holy Land's previous Horsemen. . . Adam, Noah, Enoch (apparently, known by them as Idris), Moses, Isaac, Elijah, Jesus and a few others!! (A most interesting case of Transfiguration).

"And these guys spoke and told him: 'We salute you, you the first and the last, O Gatherer of men.' . .Gabriel added: 'We salute you, O you the first, because you will be the first person who, on Resurrection Day, will come out of his grave ; and the last, because you are the Seal and the last prophet. You are a gatherer of men in the meaning that it belongs to you gather everyone for the resurrection and as such the whole community will resurrect.'"

Now, according to Gibbon's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, at first Mohammed was tolerant towards the Jews. However, as he had declared that he was the Messiah as prophesied in the ancient Scriptures, Mohammed eventually insisted that the Jews acknowledge him as their Messiah. Now Mohammed was an Arab and thus a descendant of Ishmael. Ishmael was Abraham's illegitimate son. Because Abraham became impatient regarding the son that God had promised him, his wife, Sarah encouraged him to have relations to a servant named Hagar. The child that came out of this was Ishmael. Abraham loved his son; Sarah became jealous and cajoled him into casting Hagar and Ishmael out of the camp. As we know, Sarah eventually bore a son named Isaac through whom the promise came in the form of Jesus our Messiah. (Gen 16-21) So Mohammed's whole plan was to usurp the plan of God. Therefore the Muslim Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is built right in the courtyard of the ancient Jewish temple and on the very site where Abraham took Isaac for the purpose of sacrificing him to God. God provided a lamb in Isaac's place. (Gen 22) So the Dome of the Rock defiantly states that Mohammed was that Lamb of God.

Of course the Jews refused to worship a descendant of Ishmael as their messiah. Likewise Christians refuse to worship Mohammed as their messiah. Hence it is the goal of Islam to wipe Judaism and Christianity off the map. Islam is the religion of the antichrist. . . Babylon.

It is also of interest that the seat of Islam in ancient days was Baghdad. Seeing that Islam was born in Arabia and particularly in Mecca, this seems very strange. However there is a reason. The world's first antichrist, Nimrod built Nineveh, which became the capitol of the Assyrian Empire. (Gen 10:11) Nineveh was located right where the modern city of Mosul, Iraq stands today. Mosul is north of Baghdad near the headwaters of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The Assyrian Empire was eventually conquered by the Babylonians and Nineveh was besieged and sacked in 612 BC, after which it was razed to the ground. Most of the people in the city who could not escape to the last Assyrian strongholds in the north and west were either massacred or deported out of the city. The prophet Naham foretold its destruction. (Nahum 1:14; 3:19) Babylon became the seat of paganism and thus the entire pagan worship system is denoted in the Bible as Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar was the Babylonian king who received the dream of that great statue that foretold of the kingdoms to come that would lead to the Second Coming of Christ and the establishment of his kingdom. (Daniel 2) In response Nebuchadnezzar set himself up as an antichrist by creating this very statue in gold while demanding everyone in Babylon to bow to it. (Daniel 3) The capitol of the Babylonian Empire was Babylon which was located just 50 miles south of Baghdad, ironically the ancient seat of the Muslim religion. The Bible indicates that the tower of Babel, where the men after the flood rebelled against God, was in the plain of Shinar or the Southern Mesopotamian Valley which is Iraq. (Gen 11:1-9) In fact the traditional site for the Tower of Babel is Babylon itself. Interestingly, everything in the Bible that has to do with apostasy centers in the Mesopotamian Valley. In fact this very valley of the Tigris and Euphrates was the location of the Garden of Eden and where Adam and Eve committed the first sin. (Gen 2: 14; 3:1-24)

Why did the Arabian Muslims make Babylon (Baghdad) the capitol of their reprobate faith? Isn't it because Islam is Babylon? This leaves little doubt that Islam is the religion of the Antichrist, Babylon itself. It also asserts that the antichrist will be a Muslim.

And where did America attack after 911? That would be Baghdad. In so doing the US came against Babylon itself. But could America defeat this ancient foe of Christianity simply through the use of modern weaponry. Or would the faith of Babylon overwhelm the soul of America instead? Can the enemy be defeated by the word of man or the armor of God? And if America has failed to wear the armor of God, how can it believe that it can defeat the demonic powers that lay behind Babylon with the strength of their own defiance?

* * *

During the 2008 presidential campaign Obama was herald as the "messiah" and he accepted the adulation. Following is the evidence in that regard:

“This guy was president before I was . . . This guy was God before I was.”– Barack Obama-in reference to Morgan Freeman’s portrayal in “Deep Impact and “Bruce Almighty”

“This is bigger than Kennedy. . . This is the New Testament.” . . .”I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don’t have that too often. No, seriously. It’s a dramatic event.”—Chris Matthews

“Obama’s finest speeches do not excite. They do not inform. They don’t even really inspire. They elevate. . . . He is not the Word made flesh, but the triumph of word over flesh . . . Obama is, at his best, able to call us back to our highest selves.”— Ezra Klein

“I would characterize the Senate race as being a race where Obama was, let’s say, blessed and highly favored. That’s not routine. There’s something else going on. I think that Obama, his election to the Senate, was divinely ordered. . . . I know that that was God’s plan.”– Bill Rush

“I cried all night. I’m going to be crying for the next four years,” he said. “What Barack Obama has accomplished is the single most extraordinary event that has occurred in the 232 years of the nation’s political history. . . The event itself is so extraordinary that another chapter could be added to the Bible to chronicle its significance.” — Rev. Jesse Jackson Jr.

And according the Weekly Standard on April 17, 2012 the nation could expect more of the same: "Michelle Obama made a remarkable claim when talking up her husband, President Barack Obama, at a campaign event earlier today in Nashville, Tennessee.

"'I am so in,' Michelle Obama said toward the end of her remarks. 'I am going to be working so hard. We have an amazing story to tell. This president has brought us out of the dark and into the light.'

"The crowd of nearly 450 folks applauded as the first lady likened her husband to a Jesus-like figure.

"In the book of Matthew, we read, 'the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up.' (Matthew 4:16) The phrase is used to describe the words Jesus preached."

"In Micah, light, however, is a reference to God's words. 'Rejoice not over me, O my enemy; when I fall, I shall rise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD will be a light to me,' it says in Micah 7:8.

"Either way, in religious terms, light is used to denote the true path, presented either by God or a savior. Or by Barack Obama."

In his own words Obama has posed himself as an antichrist. With this in mind, what was the ultimate judgment of Israel? The Bible tells it that it was Babylonian captivity as the Southern Kingdom was conquered by Nebuchadnezzar. Indeed, the United States has also left God to become Babylon. Could it be that Obama is our Nebuchadnezzar ready and willing to lead us into the captivity of Babylon? Though Western Christianity managed to stem the tide of Islam, could it be that Islam will finally conquer its historical foes?

And what are Christians supposed to do in the face of this terrible threat? Are we to remain silent in the face of the current turmoil and say exactly what the government wants us to say? Or are we to come out of Babylon and speak the truth? Consider the faith of three brave Jews in ancient Babylon as the faced off an angry tyrant. After receiving the prophecy of Daniel regarding the statue in his dream depicting the Kingdoms of the world, Nebuchadnezzar got full of himself and created a huge gold statue for the populace to worship. But Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego would not bow before the image. Filled with rage Nebuchadnezzar threatened that he would throw the tree into the fiery furnace lest they obey his command. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego answered and said to the king, O Nebuchadnezzar, we have no need to answer thee in this matter. If it be [so], our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace; and he will deliver us out of thy hand, O king. But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up. (Daniel 3: 14-17)

Herein lies the answer. The people of God must stand up against Babylon. They must refuse to bow to the will of the Beast. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come forth, my people, out of her, that ye have no fellowship with her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues: for her sins have reached even unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. (Rev 18: 4-5)

God saved those three brave Jews from annihilation in Babylon's fires and He will save those who resist Babylon's voice that calls out today as well. Indeed, he will rescue His faithful from a fire that lasts for eternity. Hence we are reminded of the words that come out of Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation which was released in 1863 after the dramatic victory at Gettysburg:

"We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of heaven; we have been preserved these many years in peace and prosperity; we have grown in numbers, wealth, and power as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God. We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us; and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us. It behooves us, then, to humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins, and to pray for clemency and forgiveness."


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Eventually Don served as a pastor at Calvary Chapel Bakersfield to witness thousands of salvations through that ministry. As the music/concert director, Don worked for seven years with most major Christian artist of that time while producing evangelical concerts attended by thousands of young people seeking after God. Don’s Calvary Chapel Praise Choir released the album Let All Who Hath Breath Praise the Lord on the Maranatha! label.

The next years of Don’s life were spent as the praise leader of First Baptist Church in Bakersfield during a time of unprecedented church renewal. Don teamed with the leadership to successfully meld the old with the new through a period of tremendous church growth. During this exciting time, Don’s praise team, Selah, produced the CD Stop and Think About It.

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This second of five books looks into a pivotal moment in American history that corrupted her soul. It was a time when the United States was coming off an era of prosperity created by the sound economic policies, patriotism and faith of Ronald Reagan. However, during the '90s a president without scruples took the reigns of a house united and tore it asunder. As a result we live in a divided America on the brink of judgment.

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The gospel band Southern Cross features worship, praise chorus and ministry songs in contemporary rock, country rock and even classic genres. Click here to go to their page to listen to our mp3 music and find out how to have them come to your area!

All For Freedom!

Thanks to the men and women who give their all for our freedom.


Father's Eyes

A nation in apostacy


Uh Uh Uh

There are many lying voices out in the world calling us to sin and despair.


You Broke My Heart

Jesus said "Let your yes be yes and your no's be no's." When we break our word people get hurt.



Wigtune Company

An offering of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs for the worship edification of the Body of Christ.
Colossians 3:15-17

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Holy_Wars_cover_small.jpg (51492 bytes)Holy Wars. . .a powerful and dynamic "must have" for every Christian who is seeking to worship God in the midst of the tempest of our modern world.

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Wigtune Company: Praise music and worship study resource.  Free Christian praise songs and hymns, chord charts for the contemporary chorus and traditonal hymn and gospel music, plus and on-line worship Bible study.

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"I might not be a religious man myself but I know good music when I hear it, and this is very good! . . . I don’t think that I have ever given such high ratings to so many songs before. But the fact is that they are well deserved because the music is amazing. Simply wonderful religious ballads and they really get to your heart. . .everytime."
Fredrik Cole: Trax In Space



Winsome International was founded by Dr. John Lavender of First Baptist Church, Bakersfield. Don Wigton of Wigtune Company was the worship and praise leader there during a great growth expansion. Click here to hear the teaching that inspired so many.




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Wigtune Company offers free mp3 Jesus based praise music and song along with traditional Christian hymns performed in a contemporary fashion in order to encourage the body of Christ to blend the old with the new in a scriptural fashion.  An on-line Bible study is offered that goes into the biblical and historical foundation of worship for music ministries, the music minister, praise leader, pastor and serious Bible student.  The study is presented in outline form with relevant scripture references and questions.  Download this helpful work for free! was formed as a service to the body of Christ to encourage scriptural worship. To accomplish this goal Wigtune Company offers free contemporary Christian praise and worship music, contemporary Christian rock and hymn mp3 and chart material along with a free on-line worship study book for personal devotions, Bible study groups, Sunday schools, pastors, music ministers and ministry training.  In order to bridge the gap between the old and the new the worship study book gives solid theological and historical support to the use of traditional Christian hymn-singing in conjunction with praise chorus singing.

Click on one of the links below for praise and worship, praise tabs, worship chords, praise chorus mp3, hymn stories, pro tools studio, worship leader materials to enter into the area of the Wigtune site that interests you !

Wigtune Company believes that the current contention among Christian generations over church music is unnesessary.  One does not have to chose between the classic traditional hymn and the contemporary praise chorus and song.  Solomon declared that there is a place for everything under the sun. The worship musical material and the worship Bible study book offered at the Wigtune website support this theme. Vision Statement    Don and Vanessa Wigton share the vision of Wigtune Company.  Going to this page will inform the WEB surfer the circumstances that lead to the Wigtune offering of praise song and hymn along with the worship Bible study book that lends theology and history based support to the use of traditional Christian hymn singing in conjunction with praise chorus singing.   Wigtune Story    The Wigtune Company free on-line worship Bible study book is a manual for the use of the pastor, teacher, music minister, Bible study group, sunday school and any situation where a theological and historical lesson regarding worship is desired.  The Bible study is presented in outline form with questions that require thoughtful answers to the biblical and history based information that is presented.   Free On-Line Worship Studybook   

Wigtune Company offers free mp3 praise music in the form of tradtional Christian hymn performed in a contemporary manner and modern praise song and choruses mp3s.  Chord charts to many of these song mp3's are available for non-commercial ministry use.  Free Praise and Worship Music Mp3s and Charts   Wigtune Company offers free mp3 praise music in the form of tradtional Christian hymn performed in a contemporary manner and modern praise song and choruses mp3s.  Chord charts to many of these song mp3's are available for non-commercial ministry use.

Wigtune Company offers free mp3 praise music in the form of tradtional Christian hymn performed in a contemporary manner and modern praise song and choruses mp3s.  Chord charts to many of these song mp3's are available for non-commercial ministry use. Wiggy's Top Ten Praise MP3s Wigtune Company offers free mp3 praise music in the form of tradtional Christian hymn performed in a contemporary manner and modern praise song and choruses mp3s.  Chord charts to many of these song mp3's are available for non-commercial ministry use.

Wigtune Company offers free mp3 praise music in the form of tradtional Christian hymn performed in a contemporary manner and modern praise song and choruses mp3s.  Chord charts to many of these song mp3's are available for non-commercial ministry use. Radio: Listen to Wigtune Worship Music on Live Internet Radio

Wigtune Company offers free mp3 praise music in the form of tradtional Christian hymn performed in a contemporary manner and modern praise song and choruses mp3s.  Chord charts to many of these song mp3's are available for non-commercial ministry use.    Wigtune Praise Worship and Hymn CD's

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Please help Wigtune Company by observing the copyright restrictions listed on this page.  The praise and worship materials (praise songs and hymns) have been offered up for free with love!  Copyright Restrictions    

What do you think of Wigtune's offering of praise music and worship study materials?  Let us know by e-mailing us?   Contact Us    If you have been blessed by the free praise music (praise choruses and traditional hymns) and the worship study book, don't keep it to yourself.  Click here to see how you can spread the word!   Spread the Word!

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  Click here to view the Wigtune statement of faith based upon orthodox Christian beliefs.  It is upon this profession that proclaims the doctrines of historical Christianity that the Wigtune praise and worship music and Bible study have been formulated.  Statement of Faith

Click here to view the Wigtune statement of faith based upon orthodox Christian beliefs.  It is upon this profession that proclaims the doctrines of historical Christianity that the Wigtune praise and worship music and Bible study have been formulated.   Special Report: Christianity in Russia - Has Anything Changed?

 The Wigtune Home Page: Free mp3 praise music and hymns sung in a contemporary fashion.  On-line worship study book for Bible students, music ministers, song leaders and pastors is also available!

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